10 Things You Should Know About RPM Orchestra


RPM Orchestra is…

A proto-industrial Americana music act, from the dust bowl of downtown Phoenix AZ

the most sought after big band

mad science and other “sophisticated nonsense” [1]

the city’s oldest amateur orchestra

timeless moments and distant memories

one-third of an hour-long radio show broadcast [2]

crossing over to tunes appealing to elderly this chinese new year

dieselpunk band staffed by futurists and dadaists [3]

a group of musicians who play music together

mutable, living music that puts a spontaneous spin on archaic audio. Sort of like pop culture archeology on acid. [4]




(Please note: 10 Things… may include items determined by googlism dot com. The Management is not responsible for statements made by Googlism. Hyperlink items are verified, from [1] dieselpunks.org; [2] Radio Panik (105.4FM), Brussels; [3] Interview w RPM Orchestra; [4] Niki D’Andrea, The Phoenix Edge)

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