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RPM Orchestra (l. to r.) Erik Hunter, Jocelyn Ruiz, Jim Dustan, Vic VOID, Pete Petrisko. [This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.]

“RPM Orchestra… are one of the top live-film score troupes in the Southwest and create Americana music with inspiration from history.”eCollege Times (Phoenix Creatives Re-imagine Goethe’s ‘Faust’), March 14 2013

“RPM Orchestra makes a compelling case for the avant-garde. Amidst the relative conservatism of any local scene, a group like this aims for nothing more than to flip the listener’s understanding of tone, rhythm and melody on its head. Though unlistenable to a large portion of the population, the construction of this “un-music” idiom requires a much deeper understanding of the constraints of traditional music. RPM Orchestra, in its own right, serves to further that conversation towards its logical end, excelling in every experiment.”The Downtown Devil (RPM Orchestra adds atmosphere to International Dieselpunk Day), Nov 12 2012

“RPM Orchestra makes nontraditional and way hypnotic sounds (they’ve called themselves a “proto-industrial Americana” band) that are even more compelling live, because their performances are evocative, multidisciplinary, and of a piece with the very breath and sweat of the toiling musicians.”Phoenix New Times (RPM Orchestra on Screen at FilmBar with BUTOH + MUSIC and More), June 29 2012

“RPM Orchestra isn’t just an amalgamation of sounds frozen and forgotten in time – it’s mutable, living music that puts a spontaneous spin on archaic audio. Sort of like pop culture archeology on acid.”The Phoenix Edge (RPM Orchestra’s Live Score to The Unknown at FilmBar), Nov 7 2011

“RPM Orchestra is a dieselpunk band staffed by futurists and dadaists who take the sounds of the past and filter them into the heads of today’s audiences.”Dieselpunks (from An Interview with RPM Orchestra), Aug 27 2010

“This music exists in a high state of deconstruction, and for some this will push the boundaries of what they accept as music. For me, this kind of boundary pushing music is absolutely necessary. This is the fulfillment of the vision of Charles Ives, American music passed through a psychedelic kaleidoscope of possibilities.” – Paul Paradis, allmusicblog (Bali)



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